Kenso NZ New Product Release: New fungicide for cereals

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A new, combination fungicide product has been released by Kenso NZ for the control of a wide range of diseases in cereals.

Kenso NZ has launched Avior Gold which contains 80 grams per litre of Epoxiconazole and 120 grams per litre of Azoxystrobin. Epoxiconazole, a DMI protective and curative fungicide and Azoxystrobin, a Strobilurin protective and curative fungicide, have broad spectrum activity against a wide range of fungal diseases in Wheat, Barley, and Rye Grass Seed crops. The DMI’s and Strobilurin fungicides have been successfully used in major cereal growing markets for many decades.

Avior Gold Fungicide is a combination fungicide with the DMI as a contact, protectant and eradicant; and with the strobilurin as a systemic, translaminar, protectant and anti sporulant which when used together will provide up to 6 weeks disease control. Avior Gold Fungicide has curative activity against early stages of many fungal infections and also controls the late season disease complex in cereals when applied from flag leaf emergence. Applications made to crops over the flag leaf to head emergence growth stages will provide significant green leaf area retention that can contribute to yield increases.

The disease spectrum that Avior Gold controls includes: Leaf Rust, Net Blotch (Spot and Net form), Scald, Powdery mildew, Didymella leaf scorch, Ovularia leaf spot, Late season head disease complex (Alternaria, Cladosporium, Microdochium nivale, Stemphylium),Eyespot, Speckled Leaf Blotch, Stripe Rust, Glume Blotch, Ear disease complex, Crown Rust (Leaf Rust), Stem Rust and Downy mildew.

Avior Gold Fungicide should not affect beneficial species including parasitic wasps, hover flies, lacewings and honeybees.

Kenso NZ’s Regional Manager Andrew Fulford said Avior Gold is one of an increasing portfolio of specialised formulations being developed by Kenso.

“We are delighted to be able to offer this innovative combination of two well proven fungicides to our New Zealand Cereal grower customers. As a combination product of two completely different active chemistries Avior Gold will assist with managing fungal resistance in Wheat and Barley crops and will offer expected increases in fungicidal efficacy with the two actives working in synergy. Avior Gold also offers the simplicity of a ready to use single formulation combining two actives – thereby reducing measuring and mixing requirements”.

Avior Gold is available through selected agrochemical distributors throughout New Zealand in cartons containing 4 x 10L packs of product.

For more information, contact Andrew Fulford (Kenso NZ Regional Manager) on 027 444 4694 or Josh Nicholls (South Island Sales Manager) on 027 636 5639.

KENSO AGCARE fast approaching 20 years in Australia.

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KENSO may be considered one of the quiet achievers of the Australian farm input scene. Commencing trade in Australia nearly 20 years ago KENSO has grown today to a company with 146 finished product registrations including 26 registrations with data protection, significant market share and an agronomy and sales team backing up distributors and growers across Australia.

As many new entrants have come and gone over this period KENSO has continued to achieve strong compound growth and has the enviable position of great distributor relationships and strong brand recognition in the farming network. A combination of good value commodity products and innovative value adding products has been a key to the success. Kenso Australia today is in a very strong brand and financial position to weather and adapt to any changing market dynamics.

With the support of the significant manufacturing and product development resources of the parent company KENSO Corporation KENSO Australia sees a very bright future in the Australian crop protection sector.

Despite some changes in the distribution landscape, in particular a swing to private label products by some distribution channels, Kenso continues to see their route to market through traditional distribution whist maintaining and increasing a strong brand perception with growers and end users. Whilst the future in agchem commodity products is very competitive, opportunities exist through product innovation and strategic ties with the key raw material suppliers, particularly as product supply from China becomes increasingly unreliable and volatile. Kenso has had very strong relationships with many of the key technical manufacturers for over 40 years.

Increasingly, provision of data will be a challenge for label holders as regulatory rules tighten across the globe. In the medium term, companies who cannot generate, source or fund this data will find it increasingly difficult to participate in the market.

Recent initiatives at KENSO include further formulation facility investment particularly in the area of emulsion in water formulations (EW) and backward integration for a number of products in the manufacturing division.

Kenso has a strong commitment to the Australian and Asia Pacific region and is ready to adapt and react to the changing market conditions. Part of that plan remains to be a good value, high quality, fully backed supplier to the Australian crop protection market.

Kenso expands production capability in Indonesia

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Kenso has recently expanded its Medan production facility. The plant has significantly increased its capacity for Glyphosate and Paraquat production to service both local and export markets.

The facility compliments two other Kenso agchem production facilities in Malaysia and China for better and efficient servicing of regional agchem and agricultural businesses. The Medan facility is conveniently located to the port facility of Belawan which is also located on a major international trade route. The increased production facility and its strategic location will benefit global agchem importers and distributors. Export enquires please email

Liquid Fertilisers from KENSO

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KENSO is not just an agchem company. KENSO has been producing liquid fertilisers for export customers and its own brands for many years.Two key formulations are on offer which are packed and labelled to customers needs, a 11-8-6 + Trace elements (TE) formulation designed for early growth stages and a 5-10-12 + TE designed for flowering and fruiting stages of a crops development.

For export enquiries contact

Liquid fertliser export brochure

Pasture Cleaning with Paraquat and KEN-UP DRY

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KENSO Agcare has two class leading herbicides for pasture topping KEN-UP DRY 680 and PARAKEN 334 are latest generation herbicides combining high loading active ingredients and full surfactant packages to deliver strong, consistent, hassle free application when it comes to pasture topping.

Annual grasses including annual ryegrass, brome grass, barley grass and silver grass are major components of annual pastures in cereal/pasture rotation. Grass seed control with Glyphosate and Paraquat products such as KEN-UP DRY 680 or PARAKEN 334 will improve the grazing value of pasture and reduce the weed seed burden for next year’s crop. Grazing value is increased, as proteins in the plant are retained in the standing plant tissue rather than lost to the seed head. In addition, there will be a reduction in vegetable matter in wool samples as the grass seed numbers are reduced and seed awns are softer. With the onset of resistant grasses, pasture topping achieves valuable grass seed reduction for next year’s crops.

KEN-UP DRY 680 WG is the flagship glyphosate in Kenso Agcare’s portfolio. Superior granule technology with full surfactant loading means that KEN-UP DRY 680 WG is easy to use without the need for additional surfactants when pasture topping annual grasses such as ryegrass, barley grass and silver grass. It is also useful in the control of seed set in flowering capeweed. PARAKEN 334, the only high load paraquat with full surfactant loading on the market, is ideal when chasing seed reduction in mixed grass species but is very effective against barley grass. The beauty of PARAKEN 334 is the ability to increase the rate and hay freeze the pasture locking in protein in the standing dry feed. PARAKEN 334 is also very handy when trying to reduce erodium in pastures.

These high quality and unique products come as no surprise as Kenso Agcare recently celebrated 40 years in the crop protection industry. This experience coupled with the drive to offer real solutions for Australian growers is setting Kenso apart from its competitors who seemingly come and go each year. Kenso Agcare produces and distributes a wide range of quality crop protection products for the Australian market. Jason Pitts, Business & Product Development Manager for Kenso Agcare states, “we have a dedicated product development and quality control chemistry team which provides the capability to design robust product formulations for Australian conditions”. Kenso’s in-house formulation capabilities is what sets it apart from its competitors. “We are continually striving to develop new formulations with improved performance and handling characteristics from our very own facilities and team of chemists,” Mr Pitts said. “We offer a lot more than many of our competitors can when it comes to development, traceability and quality control,” he adds.

Kenso’s modern production facility in Port Klang – Malaysia is ISO 9001-2008 accredited and employs the latest batching and traceability systems ensuring piece of mind for both farmers and resellers. For more information visit or contact your local Kenso Agcare Representatives: John Mason – Southern WA Regional Manager – 0407 546 009 Steve Cameron – Northern WA/NT Regional Manager – 0412 140 188

New Products for RICE from Kenso Thailand

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New Fungicide Formulations from Kenso Agcare.

Kenso Agcare has developed new formulations of the popular cereal fungicides epoxiconazole and propiconazole. EPOXY 750 WG (750g/kg epoxiconazole) & PROPI SUPER 500 (500g/l propiconazole) are new choices for resellers and farmers from Kenso Agcare.

EPOXY 750 WG gained registration in Australia and after extensive trialing in mid-2015 and saw rapid uptake from resellers and farmers due to its exceptional WG formulation and storage stability over the standard SC formulations. EPOXY 750 WG delivers consistent powerful performance against a broad range of cereal diseases such as leaf rust, stripe rust and powdery mildew and comes in a handy re-sealable 2.5kg pack.

PROPI SUPER 500 is the latest cereal fungicide to hit the Kenso stable. A high loading, low use rate version of the popular cereal fungicide propiconazole. PROPI SUPER 500 provides broad spectrum disease control in wheat and barley. This double strength formulation offers freight and storage savings with increased formulation quality. PROPI SUPER 500 is available in 20 & 110lt packs. Kenso Agcare Business Development Manager Jason Pitts says Kenso’s persistent focus on formulation excellence will continue to deliver innovative formulations and mixtures just like EPOXY 750 & PROPI SUPER 500 over the coming years. “We have a range of combination products and formulation types in various stages of development. Over the next few years we will continue to develop and launch products that offer real advantages to Australian agriculture,” he says.

Kenso’s in-house formulation capabilities is what sets it apart from its competitors. “We are continually striving to develop new formulations with improved performance and handling characteristics from our very own facilities and team of chemists,” Mr Pitts said. “We offer a lot more than many of our competitors can when it comes to development, traceability and quality control,” he adds. Kenso’s modern production facility in Port Klang – Malaysia is ISO 9001-2008 accredited and employs the latest batching and traceability systems ensuring piece of mind for both farmers and resellers.

New Products for RICE from Kenso Thailand

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Kenso Agcare Thailand has released 2 new products to compliment their range of herbicides and fungicides available to rice growers of Thailand.

Kenso has released PROPANIL 60 DF rice herbicide in a separate 1 KG soft pack. The 60 DF formulation saves growers on handling and packaging disposal and provides excellent results in weed control in rice. The product mixes very easily and is compatible with many other products.

Kenso will also be marketing the product “SAMAR“ (A RICECO trade name) a 750 gm. / KG high quality Tricyclazole fungicide primarily used for the control of rice blast. SAMAR will be available in a convenient and economical 100 gm. soft pack and also be offered in a twin pack with Kenso’s Propiconazole fungicide KEN-KAZOLE.

Local manager of Kenso Agcare Thailand Mr. Yutthana Kumpaneard says expanding the Kenso offering in rice is an important strategic move for Kenso, “we operate in most of the major rice growing countries across Asia so it makes sense to get some synergy from our position in this important market by adding to our range in Thailand. Traditionally we have been more focused on the plantation and small crop sector in Thailand particularly with our very popular Glufosinate product “KENBAST 15”.

New Palm Oil processing mill for Kenso

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In July 2016 Kenso commissioned a new oil palm processing mill. The development in the Kunak region in Sabah East Malaysia sits on a 30-acre site and is within Kenso’s Sapang oil palm estate.

The mill has the capacity to process 250,000 tonnes of fresh fruit bunches per annum and will service Kenso’s Sabah plantations and other neighbouring estates.

The end products of the milling process is crude palm oil which is then shipped for refining and palm kernel material which can then be converted to bio-mass energy and further processed into palm kernel extract (PKE), widely used for animal feed.

The mill is self sufficient in energy and also generates by-products of commercial value. The main by-product is biomass compost fertiliser, which is applied in Kenso’s plantations, reducing reliance on chemical fertilisers. The compost fertiliser plant has a capacity of approximately 20,000 MT on an annualized basis and is capable of producing high grade compost fertilisers for commercial sale.

The establishment and commissioning of the mill is in line with Kenso’s strategy to be an integrated food and agricultural business complementing agricultural inputs, farming and food processing businesses.

For enquiries on crude palm oil, palm kernel extract or biomass fertilisers email :

Kenso 40 years in crop protection

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Leading crop protection company Kenso, which has a strong market presence in Australia, is celebrating a milestone 40 years in business.

Kenso Agcare was established in Australia in 2001 during a major expansion phase by the Malaysian-based parent Kenso Corporation.

Kenso had humble beginnings in 1974 when a young and entrepreneurial chemical engineer Kenneth Soh left Singapore and headed for Kuala Lumpur.

His capital was a borrowed $20,after paying $13 for a train ticket; he had just $7 to start a new life.

Kenneth saw the opportunity in off-patent agchemicals and used his skills to start a totally new business formulating small volumes of products for the local market in Malaysia. He used his 1974 VW Beatle, which is still around today, to drive around and service and build relationships with a growing customer base.

Move forward 40 years and Kenso Corporation today is a diverse agriculturally focused business. The core business in agrichemicals has been joined by investments in plantations, fertilisers, food processing and property development.

It was around 20 years ago with the Kenso brand well established in its home market the business now joined by Kenneth’s three sons, embarked on a strategy to become a significant player in the agchemical and general agribusiness market in the Asia pacific.

The catalyst was the opening of a new state-of-the-art ISO 2001 accredited formulation facility at the major Malaysian shipping port of Port Klang just out side KL.

The factory runs a PLC based QC and QA system and has significant capacity to produce various formulations of Glyphosates, Paraquat and Phenoxy herbicides. Further expansion into insecticide and SC formulations has occurred over the years.

The launch of Kenso Agcare in Australia coincided with the establishment of Kenso Indonesia and Thailand. A major chemical factory acquisition in China in 2007 was followed by a move into New Zealand and Myanmar in 2012, completing the strategy to be a true regional player.

At the same time Kenso Corporation was busy expanding its plantations business and also expanded its food processing business with the commissioning of a purpose built production facility in Malaysia to service local and international markets for specialist sauces.

Longevity and strong brand and quality integrity have been part of the Kenso success story. Its relationships and value add for customers have also been critical factors.

General manager of Kenso Agcare Australia Rob Armstrong has been with the Australian operation from day one.

“Myself and operations manager Murray Goodlich met the Kenso management team back in 2001 and agreed to embark on an adventure to get Kenso off the ground in Australia.

“Ex work mates joined us including Steve Hines who is currently our key account manager and John Mason who runs our Western Australia region.

“Since then the team has grown to an Australia-wide field force, with technical support and quality control under Russell Clark and a committed customer service team.

“It has been an exciting ride and it is still exciting to see so much potential for Kenso in Australia and now New Zealand,” Rob said.

“The differentiated products we offer our customers, the exciting product developments and the competitive nature of the business keeps the motivation high.

“One of the best things about Kenso though is the culture. We are accountable and work hard, but at the same time we have fun and all feel a strong sense of achievement.

“The greatest asset we have is our customer base. We are adding value for them and at the same time provide a reliable and quality source of supply at competitive prices.”

Looking ahead to the next 40 years, Rob said Kenso was very focused on product development and differentiating the agchem offer.

“Our business model is sound and the Corporation’s diversity ensures we can get through the tough times. Our strength in manufacturing and our sourcing relationships are also key factors of success,” Rob said.

Discover our new naturally derived herbicide

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KENSO have developed a naturally derived herbicide for use in home and garden situations. The “ready to use” formulation is derived from nonanoic acid which occurs naturally in many plants. The Kenso formulation is very safe to use, effective on a wide range of weeds and is safe to pets. The attached PDF provides more information on the product, export enquiries are welcome ,please note registration requirements will vary from country to country.

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